Debt Mediation with credit

Debt mediation

Mediation assists consumers, credit providers, and debt collectors to resolve arrears, legal actions and other related credit disputes.

Mediation is cheaper and quicker as it does not involve the courts but relies on parties sticking to any agreement or arrangement made.

With our team of expert attorneys, we can assist and resolve disputes that arises and come to a quick and easy settlement.

Debt mediation is not a legal process like debt review, which means that it is not binding to your credit providers. It is more of an informal agreement reached between you and your creditor.

While you will enjoy the benefit of not being blacklisted and being stopped from getting further credit, you and your money will be at the mercy of the creditor. It is important to consult with us if this is the best avenue for you to take. We will never advise you to continue with this process if it is not viable/affordable for you.