Legal Protection with credit

Legal protection

1.       Court orders for restructured payments

The restructured payment plan, if deemed fair, gets enforced by a court order so that your creditors cannot deviate from it

2.       Legal aftercare for debt review

After leaving debt review either by completing the process or prematurely, we will still be on hand to give you legal advice on any steps you wish to take when you rejoin the credit market

3.       Negotiation with your creditors

Our negotiations are done with your best financial interests at heart. We negotiate the most fair and affordable repayment plan tailored to you

4.       Protect your assets from creditors.

We get court orders to protect your most precious assets from being seized by your creditors if they institute legal action against you

5.       Insolvency and sequestration

Should you wish to be declared insolvent, or have your estate placed under sequestration, a trustee will be appointed to liquidate (sell) your assets and your debts will be settled as far as possible by distributing the proceeds among your creditors.

6.       Alternative dispute resolution to resolve settlement disputes.

We will meditate on your behalf to settle financial disputes with your debtors or creditors should you not reach an agreement of repayment